We are so pleased to announce that Maria Elliott Physiotherapy Services (MEPS) on 4 Upper Wimpole Street, London reopened on Monday, July 6th and we are delighted to announce some very attractive deals to help you get back to full health.


Please click any of the below images to find out more about what MEPS offer and how we can help you.

Patient Testimonials

Information & Advice Sheets

We have a growing collection of useful exercise, advice and nutrition sheets on our google drive, there’s useful information for our Mummy MOT, post-natal rehab and pelvic pain clients.

PelviPower is a new method that trains your pelvic floor and the surrounding muscles purposefully and effectively, without exertion, in your everyday clothes, conveniently sitting down. The holistic concept combines state-of-the-art medical technology with targeted support for individual training. PelviPower combines magnetic field therapy with biofeedback training method.