Ranjita Borade


Extended Scope Practitioner in Pelvic Health Physiotherapy

I completed BSc in Physiotherapy in 2003 and ever since have been dedicated towards specialist physiotherapy skills within various NHS England Trusts, as well as, Women’s health services in India, Dubai, and UAE. Over last 16 years of my journey in pelvic health, I have developed my skills to assess and treat complex pelvic floor dysfunctions (particularly using Real Time Ultrasound, biofeedback, PFM Computerised EMG – retraining, PFM EMG – assessment and MAPLe).

I am particularly interested in pelvic floor rehab during pregnancy, postnatal recovery and chronic pelvic pain. In the last 5 years working in the NHS, I have worked very closely with Colorectal surgeons and Multi-Disciplinary Teams focusing on pelvic health within St Mark’s Hospital (National Bowel Hospital) and Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. As part of my role at St Mark’s Academy, I have delivered several talks in the area of pelvic health and taught as part of the Masters core module.

Alongside MEPS, I work as a Lead Specialist Perinatal Pelvic Physiotherapist at NWLUH NHS Trust. I am a mum of 2 children, who understands how motherhood can change your life. I believe in a holistic, structured recovery approach that is realistic for new Mums. I recently completed Mummy MOT Practitioner certification training as I am passionate to empower many more women to rediscover and restore safely.