Selin Saray

Chartered Physiotherapist , Mummy MOT Practitioner, Bsc(hons), HCPC

Selin is an experienced Physiotherapist with a real passion for helping her patients return to full pain-free function, no matter their age or level of fitness. Selin has been practicing as a Physiotherapist, Rehabilitation & Pilates specialist and Sports Massage Therapist in London for 7 years.

Selin specialises in Antenatal & Postnatal Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, is helping mums with pelvic floor muscle weakness, pelvic pain, tummy gap, urinary incontinence. In addition to her physiotherapy sessions, Selin teaches One-to-One Pilates which is ideal for those who want a session specifically designed for their body – antenatal, postnatal, undertaking rehabilitation or have medical conditions which require specific consideration.

Selin qualified from Acibadem University – Istanbul/Turkey and studied in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation.