Who is The Mummy MOT® training course for?

The Mummy MOT® is A MUST for all physiotherapists specialising in working with new mums and Post-Natal women’s health.

  • Do you work in private practice?
  • Do you want to provide mums with a restorative Post-Natal programme to avoid long-term health complaints?
  • Do you want to create on-going exercise solutions/classes for new mums within your practice or provide remote exercise programmes?
  • Do you want to create on-going exercise solutions/classes for new mums within your practice or provide remote exercise programmes?
  • Do you want to learn new ‘Functional Exercise’ protocols for new mums that take them all the way from the Physio scenario to a return to ‘sport’?
  • Do you want to provide the best Post-Natal screening and assessment for new mums?
  • Do you want to educate and provide practical solutions for POP and UIC?
  • Do you want to provide a structured and progressive solution for Diastasis Recovery?
  • Do you want to help mums return to a good sex life with their partners?

Become A Mummy MOT® Practitioner

Next round of training: 21st-22nd September 2019

Pre-REQUISITES for training:

Trainees must (without exception):

  • be a physiotherapist
  • have completed a Pelvic Floor Assessment Course;
  • be comfortable and competent carrying out a Basic Vaginal Examination
  • commit to paying a licence fee to operate under the Mummy MOT® brand

What does the Mummy MOT® Training Course include?

The intensive 2-day course qualifies specialist Post-Natal Physiotherapists to operate the Mummy MOT® health-check in the UK.

Mummy MOT® course includes specific training on:

  • Assessment of Diastasis Recti and Pelvic Floor
  • Internal Examination of the Pelvic Floor
  • Pelvic Alignment
  • Post-Natal Muscular Skeletal Evaluation
  • A range of Restorative Exercises
  • Progression of Restorative Exercises to the ‘Fitness/Sport’ scenario
  • Creation of ongoing 1-1 or Small Group Fitness Offerings within the Physiotherapy setting

What will the Mummy MOT® do for you & your business?

The Mummy MOT will provide physios with:

  • The opportunity to provide cutting edge and top-level clinical Post-Natal care for women.
  • The opportunity to provide cutting edge and top-level Post Natal Functional Exercise as a progression from the Physiotherapy scenario for their female clients.
  • The potential to expand your business by offering the Mummy MOT package and both 1-1 and small group fitness packages thereafter.
  • Certification will also include a listing on the Mummy MOT Register which will be promoted throughout social media channels.


Huge thanks to imedicare Ltd who provide lunch at all Mummy MOT® Training events

How does the Mummy MOT® System work?

The Mummy MOT combines the principles of a physiotherapy assessment progressed to Functional Exercise training following delivery. It includes education on the natal period postural changes and muscular imbalances that may cause pain and dysfunction both on a local and global level for the new mum.

The education emphasises the importance of correcting and rebalancing these dysfunctions to avoid/solve issues such as POP, UIC and RDA through a restorative exercise programme to regain stability and optimal function.

The ‘Restorative’ portion of the system uses Swiss Balls, foam rollers and theraband to help activate the important stabilising muscles. Proprioception and breath work are both incorporated.

The ‘Functional Exercise for Motherhood’ portion of the education will give tuition on the creation and progression of exercise/fat loss programmes for Post Natal moms at all levels of recovery alongside the principles of ‘Movement-Based’ Pelvic Floor Exercise.

Trainee Feedback

Are there any further costs after training?


The hub is packed full of all the great stuff your business will need to get the maximum benefit from the Mummy MOT® brand:

  • An enhanced practice listing on the main Mummy MOT website, professionally hosted and optimized
  • Updates and upgrades to Mummy MOT® practices and materials
  • Access to the closed community discussion forum for support, advice and consultation reviews
  • Mummy MOT brand marketing benefits including links to advertorial, editorial coverage and promotional materials
  • Access to relevant and regular blogs for use as part of your own marketing and website.
  • Access to vlogs and training material from industry experts and leaders
  • A 10% discount on all Mummy MOT CPD related courses
  • Possibilities to run your own course hosted by Mummy MOT
  • Become an Assistant on the Mummy MOT® Training Course(s)

We have upcoming training dates in 2019 – 21st-22nd September 2019to apply for a ploace please complete our application form. We’ll be in touch with further details once we receive your application.

Your Tutors

Maria Elliott

Maria Elliott


Mummy MOT® founder, Maria Elliott, has 25 years’ experience as a Specialist Post-natal Chartered Physiotherapist and an APPI Pilates instructor. Having trained in the US and France, Maria specialises in pre-natal and post-natal physiotherapy as well as treating and coaching women with Chronic Pelvic Pain. Her focus is on helping women achieve optimal pelvic health and balance through manual therapy, targeted exercises, and functional rehabilitation. She works closely with leading Women’s Health London Consultants and is an expert in RDA recovery and complex pelvic pain.


Marta Kinsella

Marta Kinsella

Rehab / Mummy Mot

Marta started her professional Physiotherapy career within the NHS, before expanding her knowledge in the private sector where she worked within a sports musculo-skeletal clinic. Marta treats an array of conditions both acute or complex. Her main areas of treatment are pre- existing pain, post-surgery rehabilitation, pre- and post-natal women’s health rehabilitation, diastasis recti (tummy gap) rehab, pre and post natal strength and overall conditioning, return to sport and athletic performance, stress incontinence, bladder over activity and pelvic floor dysfunction.

Jenny Burrell

Jenny Burrell

Creator of Holistic Core Restore

Jenny Burrell, Head of Burrell Education is the UK’s leading Fitness/Therapy/Women’s Wellness professional working in the field of Ante/Post-Natal Functional Fitness, Ante/Post Natal Massage and Remedial Therapy and Peri to Post Menopause (3rd Age) education. Burrell Education is the UK’s only REPs Endorsed Licensed Education Provider dedicated solely to Women’s Wellness education and courses are also internationally accredited by NASM. See www.burrelleducation.com for more information.