Leading UK Pelvic Health Practitioner Maria Elliott launches The PelviPower Treatment Chair A first for the UK!

Leading UK Pelvic Health Practitioner Maria Elliott launches The PelviPower Treatment Chair A first for the UK!

Internationally renowned postnatal chartered physiotherapist, pelvic pain recovery specialist and Mummy MOT founder, Maria Elliott, has become the first practitioner in the UK with a state-of-the-art PelviPower treatment chair.

This next-generation specialist pelvic & core treatment chair provides effective & directly targeted stimulation for women and men’s pelvic floor and surrounding muscle area from a seated position – so there’s no exertion required & you can even keep your clothes on!

The uniquely holistic concept combines the state-of-the-art medical technology of magnetic field therapy with targeted support for individual training using classic biofeedback methods to help patients.

This combination has been proven effective in scientific studies and is recommended by physicians and therapists. (*direct quotes in editor’s notes)

Maria explains: “We are really excited about the PelviPower treatment chair. It’s fantastic for strengthening muscles in both men and women – so whether you are suffering from incontinence, need physiotherapeutic recovery after giving birth, want tissue toning, improve your sexual wellbeing, suffer from backache, or are one of the 50% of men who need to strengthen their pelvic area after prostate surgery , PelviPower provides an incredibly simple and painless yet effective road to recovery.”

There are many causes of complex pelvic pain – ranging from childbirth and injury to trauma and hypermobility. Statistics regarding conditions linked with pelvic pain are frightening.

  • Globally 423 million people suffer from bladder incontinence.
  • A third of all women will suffer incontinence after giving birth
  • 50% of men over 40 suffer from erectile dysfunction
  • 85% of women over 20 suffer from cellulite
  • Backache accounts for the 5 most common health complaints worldwide

But there’s just no need for most people to suffer the adverse consequences of pelvic pain as much or for as long as many do.

Maria adds: “Being incontinent, having painful sex, enduring complex pelvic pain or discomfort – all these things can be helped and often alleviated completely through use of The PelviPower treatment chair alongside our personalised training programme.”

Note to Editors

Maria Elliott, is the founder of Simply Pelvic Health, a leading Pelvic Health Specialist and founder of The Mummy MOT. Having been a specialist in women’s postnatal health for nearly 30 years, she developed The Mummy MOT to help women recover their bodies soon after giving birth and avoid further consequences in later years.

2017 saw her launch her first pelvic recovery exercise programme – The Ultimate Guide to Pelvic Pain Recovery. The PelviPower treatment chair is located at her Chiswick Clinic – sessions by appointment only.



Monday & Wednesday – Queen’s Club, Palliser Rd, London, W14 9EQ

Monday & Tuesday – Riverview Clinic, 18 Riverview Grove, Chiswick, W4 3QJ

Thursday & Friday – Cione Clinic, 10-11 Bulstrode Place, London, W1U 2HX


Pelvipower trial sessions and copies of Maria’s recently released online video course, The Ultimate Guide to Pelvic Pain Recovery are available for purposes of review.

*PelviPower as recommended by physicians and therapists

“Magnetic field stimulation is extremely well suited to strengthening the body core. It provides an excellent deeply penetrating effect for an effective neuromuscular training” Univ. Prof. Dr. Winifried Mayr

“This Therapy is a particularly helpful option particularly when treating older patients and especially those with restricted mobility.” Prim. Dr. Eva Maria Uher.

“The therapy has shown great success. Almost all patients experienced a substantial improvement or a full alleviation of all their symptoms.” Dr. Med. Univ. Darius Chovgi

“The technology deployed at the pelvic centre is well developed and indeed state of the art. Because of all its variability its broad therapeutic range covers many areas from faecal incontinence to post-prostatectomy rehabilitation.” Prim Univ. Doz. Dr. Wilhelm Hubner


For more information visit www.simplypelvichealth.co.uk, www.themummymot.com and www.simplywomenshealth.co.uk or https://www.pelvipower.com/en/

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