Opening of Maria Elliott Physiotherapy Services, London


Opening of Maria Elliott Physiotherapy Services, London

We are looking forward to your visit in London.

Maria Elliott Physiotherapy Services ( MEPS), our partner in London, held an official opening on Monday 19th of March at the new PelviPower clinic on the famous Wimpole Street.

Attended by many clinicians and specialists who work in the field of Women and Men’s pelvic health, Remo Schneider, CEO of PonteMed and Maria Elliott, owner and founder of MEPS, herself a well known specialist in pelvic health welcomed all visitors and announced the arrival of PelviPower therapy in the famous Harley Street area of central London.

Everyone attending got the chance to try both therapy systems, ask questions, take away clinical information and had fun exercising their pelvic floor muscles on the biofeedback trainer!

“Maria was the first person to evaluate the PelviPower electro-magnetic field stimulation chair in the UK at the end of last year” explained Gareth Wood, Director of PonteMed UK, “and with some great clinical outcomes early on, Maria was quickly interested to start a clinic where PelviPower could be offered for a wide range of pelvic dysfunction issues. This is an important step for us at PonteMed UK as we look to expand treatment centres like this one across the country”.

“I’m so proud of this PelviPower therapy clinic here at Wimpole Street in London and so pleased with the positive reaction we received from all our guests on Monday”, said Remo Schneider, owner and founder of PonteMed.

“I’m delighted that Maria Elliott has partnered with us in London, she is a real expert in how physiotherapy can help with issues like stress and urge incontinence, prolapse, pelvic pain, erectile dysfunction and so on. I’m looking forward to see how many people we can help in this area”.


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