Recovery Top Tips for Mums

Recovery Top Tips for Mums

How to Start Your Day

During post natal recovery period….

*Practice Conscious Breathing 3-5 times per day. Shallow breathing and chronic stress promotes inflammation and lowers the immune system. Pausing to slow down your breathing – even a few times a day – will make a difference to your emotional and physical health.

*Hydration. We’re often dehydrated and this can strip us of energy and contribute to stiffness and brain fog. Upon awakening, and before coffee – prepare distilled water with lemon and a pinch of sea salt – to help restore PH balance and mineral levels.

*Movement. Early morning ‘slide and glide’ release the body’s tightness and clears both physical toxins and the mind. Try a 3 minute body scan. Followed by 5 minutes of ‘slide and glide’ (cat and shell stretches, thread the needle etc.) And then a 7 minute ‘Power Up’ (tricep dips, squats etc) Builds strength and lifts mood.

* Protein. Use breakfast to stabilize your energy for the day. Where possible include your favorite mood boosting foods – tofu, eggs, salmon -with your first meal of the day.

*10 minutes of light and fresh air. A walk in the park or around the garden. Either alone or with your baby. An opportunity to practice a positive affirmation, or simply boost mood and reconnect with the world.