The Mummy MOT


The Mummy MOT

“Calling All Mums! Leaking, incontinence, tummy gaps and pelvic pain may be common but they’re not normal and you don’t have to suffer in silence!

Whether you gave birth 6 weeks or 6 years ago, The Mummy MOT is a unique postnatal one-stop-assessment and treatment programme created by top UK women’s health specialist Maria Elliott. It includes a full body assessment and provides bespoke exercises to restore your core and pelvic floor, helping full postnatal recovery.

She is also the first practitioner in the UK to offer the new PelviPower™ Therapy Chair! It painlessly helps to heal your pelvic pain, strengthen your pelvic floor and restore your core, while sitting down and without even taking your clothes off!

With practices in central London, Richmond and Queen’s Tennis Club there’s somewhere convenient wherever you live. So don’t put it off, book your Mummy MOT or Pelvipower session today so we can look after you & your body while you look after your babies. “

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