C-Section Recovery

A C-section scar is a reminder of the strength and resilience of a woman’s body postnatally. However, it is important to take care of your C-section scar.

C-Section Recovery - MEPS

During C-section recovery, it’s important to massage the scar and mobilise the tissues in order to assist the natural scar healing process and prevent potential adhesions which can lead to a variety of issues such as local, pelvic, and lower back pain, and urinary problems.

Often the scar can feel tight and may develop adhesions in the underlying tissues which affect the movement within the pelvic area. Manual scar therapy, with a trusted and trained practitioner, is an important step to address these issues and avoid complications. Aesthetically, C-section scar massage is also a gentle way to help your scar heal and improve the appearance of your scar over time.

Manual Scar Therapy

This treatment is available from 6/8 weeks postpartum, and it is also never too late, old scars can respond well too. For C-section recovery, it’s important to mobilise the tissues in order to assist the natural scarring process and prevent potential adhesions.

How can C-section scar therapy help?

– Stimulate change to scar tissue on the skin surface, and to adhesions or fibrosis in the underlying tissue.
– Reduce common symptoms, such as numbness, swelling, pain and sensitivity, and any associated pain (such as hip, pelvic, or back pain)
– Promote cosmetic improvements after C-section.

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LymphaTouch and LPG Endermologie®

LymphaTouch is another treatment option for C-Section recovery that combines mechanical vibration and negative pressure to effectively activate the lymphatic circulation in the treated area, reducing swelling and pain. It has been found to be a very comfortable treatment option for patients diagnosed with head, neck, or breast cancer as well as those suffering from secondary lymphedema due to C-section trauma. LymphaTouch enhances manual therapy, allowing the therapist to work more efficiently and the patient to see quicker results.

Both medical LPG Endermologie® and LymphaTouch treatments are available at our clinic for those looking to improve their C-section scar tissue. These treatments can help to mobilise the tissues, improve skin quality, reduce swelling and pain, and alleviate potential adhesions that may cause local, pelvic, or lower back pain or urinary problems.


LymphaTouch - MEPS

LymphaTouch® is a medical device designed to relieve swelling and pain in primary and secondary lymphedema, after traumas and injuries, as well as pre and postoperatively.

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LPG Endermologie

LPG endermologie - MEPS

LPG medical endermologie® technique delivers a more intense and precise stimulation to the skin surface in order to reactivate natural physiological processes.

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