LymphaTouch® is a medical device designed to relieve swelling and pain in primary and secondary lymphedema, after traumas and injuries, as well as pre and postoperatively.

LymphaTouch - MEPS

LymphaTouch’s unique feature combination of mechanical vibration and negative pressure efficiently activates the lymphatic circulation in the treated area and helps reduce swelling and pain.

LymphaTouch treatment has been experienced as very comfortable among various different patients diagnosed with head, neck or breast cancer and patients suffering from secondary lymphedema caused by trauma, C-section, ovarian cancer and prostate cancer.

LymphaTouch enhances manual therapy, enabling the therapist to work more efficiently and the patient get concrete results faster.

LymphaTouch negative pressure treatment can be applied to several treatment areas, including

  • lymphedema
  • pre- and postoperative swelling and scarring
  • fascial tightness
  • muscle maintenance
  • active recovery
  • pain management
  • improving joint functionality

The negative pressure generated by the device helps improve lymphatic circulation in the treated area.

LymphaTouch - MEPS
LymphaTouch - MEPS
LymphaTouch - MEPS
LymphaTouch - MEPS

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